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Urban planning : Pre-application engagement (Ex D.T.)

In the village :

Pre-application engagement is compulsary for all types of urban planning, except when a building permit is necessary.

In Pont du Loup:

Certain types of urban planning require pre-application engagement. However, we advise you to report any type of urban project to the town hall. We will be able to give you all useful information.

Urban planning : Pre-application engagement

To obtain and print the correct form, please click on the link below : http://www2.equipement.gouv.fr/formulaires/fic_pdf/13410.pdf

Urban Planning : Planning Advice Certificate (C.U.)

To obtain and print your Planning Advice Certificate (C.U), please click on the following link : http://www2.equipement.gouv.fr/formulaires/fic_pdf/13410.pdf

Land clearing campaign 2016

As we are moving towards the summer season, and in order to keep you and your neighbours safe, we urge you to thoroughly clear  your land, garden and area around your proprety.

If you have any questions or doubts, please visit our website. You will find all useful information, laws and regulations about land clearing.

A resumé on how to react approprietly in case of fire is attached to this document.

The Officer in charge of local planning will be happy to answer any of your querries.


We would also like to bring to your attention that regulations about organic waste disposal by burning, have changed.

Working toghether will help us preserving our natural environment and guarantee everyone’s safety.

Ban on waste disposal by burning

 The County administrative Centre has amended  decree 2002-343 regarding organic waste disposal by burning. You will need to refer to decree 2002-453.

From now on, you will be allowed to dispose of organic waste by burning from 10am till 3:30pm and only from October 1st to June 30th. (Burning is restricted to compulsary land clearing and organic waste from fruit trees)

Please, note that the County Administrative Centre can forbid all burning at any time for a temporary period,  in case of strong winds of above 20km/h


It is strictly forbidden at all time to dispose of the following by burning :

  • Waste from lawn
  • Dead leaves
  • Waste from hedges, cypress trees, palm trees, etc.

You may dispose of those wastes in two ways :

  • By taking them to the recycling Centre
  • By using a waste grinder and making compost.



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